Silk Bomber Jacket

This reversible jacket is made by hand at our atelier using premium, deadstock silk fabrics we hand-select in the souks around Marrakech. 

The bomber jacket, also known as a flight jacket, has its origins in military apparel. It was first introduced by the U.S. Army Aviation Clothing Board in 1917 to keep pilots warm in the uninsulated, open cockpits of World War I aircraft. In the latter half of the 20th century, the bomber jacket transitioned from military uniform to a symbol of counterculture, including the LGBTQ+ community, who reclaimed the jacket as a symbol of freedom for all to wear proudly. By the 1980's, Hollywood stars like Tom Cruise cemented the bomber jacket’s mainstream status and has been a fashion staple ever since. Read the history of the bomber jacket on our journal. 

Boxy fit
CF Zipper
Two angled side pockets
Elastic waistband and cuffs
100% silk blend
Machine wash cold, hang to dry
Handmade in Marrakech

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Pair with Vintage 501 Denim and Kilim Loafers

Size: Small (unisex)

Sizing Chart Small
Length from HPS
26" 27 1/2" 29"
Across Bust
20" 22" 24"
23" 23 1/2" 24"

Our one-of-a-kind products are made responsibly and with love. We believe that you get back what you put out. Please treat this piece with care.



Silk Bomber Jacket #2 - RES IPSA
Silk Bomber Jacket #2 - RES IPSA
Silk Bomber Jacket #2 - RES IPSA

Silk Bomber Jacket

Silk Bomber Jacket

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