Rug Sandal Size 9

This pair of sandals is made by hand in our atelier using up-cycled Bourcherouite rugs. We hand-source these 50-to-100 year old rugs from the Berber tribe located in the Ourika Valley (High Atlas mountains) just 40 miles from Marrakech.

The Boucherouite rugs are handwoven from natural, un-dyed wool and incorporate Berber motifs, including traditional and significant decorative patterns, symbols, and designs such as zigzags & diamonds, tribal symbols, Berber scripts (Amazigh), and among many others, geometric patterns.

Our rug sandals are entirely handmade, featuring a genuine leather lining, a leather sole, and a thin layer of protective rubber on the sole. 

Vintage 50-to-100 year old handwoven Boucherouite rug
100% wool rug 
Thin layer of rubber protecting the leather sole
Leather upper lining
Handmade in Marrakech 

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Pair with Kaftans or Kimonos

 Sizing Chart US  EU UK
6 / 6 1/2 36 4
7 / 7 1/2 37 5
8 / 8 1/2 38 6
9 / 9 1/2 39 7
10 / 10 1/2 40 8
11 / 11 1/2 41 9
Our one-of-a-kind products are made responsibly and with love. We believe that you get back what you put out. Please treat this piece with care.



Moroccan Rug Sandal 9-12 - RES IPSA
Moroccan Rug Sandal 9-12 - RES IPSA

Rug Sandal Size 9

Rug Sandal Size 9

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