Custom Rug

Res Ipsa is excited to offer a collection of custom rugs made to order. We offer various designs, colors and dimensions all made by hand in the High Atlas mountain village of Beni M’rirt.

As a traditional women-led, slow-fashion process, rug-weaving is largely done in the rural and mountainous areas of Morocco. It is often accomplished in private homes or small ateliers where women can easily access their vertical looms. Women oscillate between a central role as primary caregiver along with other responsibilities—one can imagine that rug-weaving cannot be done quickly.
Furthermore one can imagine that the approach of such artistic production, when contextualized, emphasizes the weaver's abundant storytelling abilities, patience, and love.

Rug-weaving in Morocco is a multi-generational transmission of knowledge that encompasses many skills and steps, including obtaining the sheep wool, repetitive combing, careful spinning, dyeing, washing and drying. The washing phase happen in a nearby spring or source of water and the drying phase happens under the sun—naturally enhancing the colors to even greater vivid and vibrant shades. The slow practice of rug-weaving sometimes takes up to two months or longer.

Colors: Off White + Light Brown

Due to the handmade process, dimension and color might vary by 5%.

100% Wool Rugs
With end tassels*
Free standard shipping

Production lead time for custom rugs typically runs between six to eight weeks. The time estimation will be emailed once you place an order. 

*It is traditional for Moroccan rugs to feature end tassels at just one end of the rug. Please email us your request if you would like your rug without end tassels.

Shipping: Please note that the shipping time is estimated, not guaranteed. This includes UPS standard shipping, two-day air, and next day air. We ship most rug orders internationally from our atelier, using DHL EXPRESS, and shipping will take an estimated one to two weeks—standard or expedited. Thank you for your patience and we apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. 


Beni M'rirt Rug #10 - RES IPSA
Beni M'rirt Rug #10 - RES IPSA

Custom Rug

Custom Rug

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