Boujaad Rug

This rug is handmade entirely from local beldi wool—from shearing, cleaning and spinning to hand-knitting—by women in the town of Boujaad in central Morocco. Boujaad is located at the foothills of the High Atlas Mountains.

The stripe patterns and color combination make this rug a one-of-a-kind inspiration from the craftswomen, resulting in a bright, vibrant, and textured piece of art.

100% Wool
Traditional tassels at one end
Handwoven in Boujaad

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Size: 7'3" x 5" (size measured in feet and inches)

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Moroccan Boujaad Rug No.51 - RES IPSA
Moroccan Boujaad Rug No.51 - RES IPSA
Moroccan Boujaad Rug No.51 - RES IPSA

Boujaad Rug

Boujaad Rug

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