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What to Wear in London: Men's Seasonal Style Guide | RES IPSA

London, UK — London is the urban luxe capital. As one of the top three most fashionable destinations in the world, the sartorial city at the heart of the UK should be considered among the top 3 spots (along with Paris and Tokyo) that men need to follow when it comes to style inspiration and advice on how guys are dressing today. If you're travelling to the UK and you're wondering what to wear in London today, we've compiled a short seasonal guide for men on how to dress in London. Similar to what to wear in in LA every month, your selection of outfits greatly depends on the weather of the day. Learn more!

Table of Contents
I. What to Wear in London during the Summer
II. What to Wear in Long in Fall and Winter
 What to Wear in London in the Spring


Res Ipsa: What to Wear in London
If you're travelling to London, you must understand how the destination is truly amazing when it comes to setting trends in men's fashion. Everywhere you'll go there, men will be dressed to the nines. Noticeably, this might not be what you're used to if you're currently living in New York, Miami or even LA. In London, men BRING it every time they step outside. The daily styles are eclectic, hipster and next level -- men don't play games or mess around. Just think how they start off dressing as young school boys -- it only evolves from then. It's important to have this knowledge and background so you know how to not not dress like a tourist or an American in London. If you want to be a man with international flair, follow our guide below! 

I. What to Wear in London during the Summer

Let's begin with how to dress in London in the summer months -- what to wear in June, July, and August. It's simple: pack your capsule collection of loafers/sneakers, jeans, plain T's and oxfords, a rolling-knit and a nice satin souvenir, military or denim jean jacket. Trying to impress everyone on the flight and before you land? Sport your pair of one-of-a-kind men's kilim loafers and matching kilim backpack or weekender bag. It's an international flight, right? Give 'em a taste of what's to come when you unpack your bag. 

Res Ipsa: What to Wear in London

Shop Men's Kilim Loafers

Pro Tip: we recommend you invest in one or two good pairs of faded, light-washed or all-white vintage Levi's 501s (available via email info@resipsausa.com), three to four white oxfords and a nice neutral knit sweater. How much should you spend on a nice sweater? You really don't need to spend that much, we suggest you budget around $75 - $300. Find a nice neutral black, navy or cream/off-white varsity knit sweaters from Res Ipsa (in-store only: email us w/ sizes for waiting list). You can also shop for looks on Mr. Porter or from the coolest vintage store local to you. Sometimes the best and most affordable finds are not in the department stores -- shop small boutiques or find vintage goods at the second-hand stores in your neighborhoods.

Res Ipsa: What to Wear in London

Note: for London's summer weather, the average patterns show highs in the mid-70's ( °F) and lows in the upper 50's ( °F). Summers in the UK are very moderate climates that allow you to layer in the evenings and roll your sleeves up during the days. 

II. What to Wear in London in Fall and Winter

For the cooler months of September, October, November, December, February and January, it's key to pack your flannels. Londoners love wearing all black and other neutral, anarchic color ways, so even consider a badass leather jacket paired with a plaid flannel beneath it, and then bring out your black leather pants to complete the look. If you don't own at least one cool pair of pants, perhaps consider elevating this area of your game for the winter months in London. 

Vintage 501 Denim
Shop Vintage 501 Denim

Pro Tip: denim on denim. Why? As fellow one-of-a-kind style guru, NBA star and GQ phenomena Russell Westbrook says,"Why Not?". Denim or 'Canadian Tuxedos' are edgy to wear and they look striking 100% of the time. Denim not your thing? Incorporate some animal prints, cargo pants or vintage military fatigues down below. Each of these looks is "in" and never goes "out" of style. Change it up from your work-wear, 'dad vibe' city-slacks and actually like the way you look in a pair of cool pants. 

Res Ipsa: What to Wear in London
Note: with the London winter month weather holding steady in highs of the 60's ( °F) and lows in the 40's ( °F) and even 30's ( °F), you may need a nice denim jacket or classic Barbour jacket. Both are affordable and easy to travel with. And, they're perfect for blocking the wind.

III.  What to Wear in London in the Spring

Styling outfits for March, April and May in London might be the most flexible and fun if you enjoy layering. It's quite rainy and it's still a bit chilly, but there are pockets of sunshine here and there that allow you to take off your jacket and bathe in the rays.

Res Ipsa: What to Wear in London

Pro Tip: If you want to look good in the spring, invest in a quality Rain Jacket. We suggest something fun-colored like yellow or bright green. While your style should match your personality, bright colors are playful and bring happiness, so they will always bring out the best in you and others. 

James Bond in London
Take the chilliness from a well known London resident.

Note: the averages for weather in March, April and May fluctuate between highs in the mid-60's ( °F) and lows in the lower 40's (°F). With this in mind, think Chicago! Windy. Windy. Windy. It's not always the ideal temperatures for exposing your feet to the conditions, so you need to be prepared to cover your ankle especially if you'll be walking a lot. The trick is to own a pair of men's kilim clogs that will keep you warm in all the right places AND elevate your springtime boot game. 

Men's Kilim Clogs

To quickly recap what to wear in London, we suggest you invest in a quality pair of vintage Levi's 501s (email us for the details info@resipsausa.com), a pair of kilim loafers and/or chukka boots, and a nice, quality weekender travel bag or daily backpack. You'll be walking A LOT in London, so comfortable shoes and a nice travel backpack are critical.

Finally, find ways to elevate your style to levels of international flair. Pants work year-round in London and remember that it rains, so remember to invest in some cool looking pants and fun-colored rain jackets. Never forget the key to styling your outfits is won in the details and the simplicity of pairings. Stick to plaid or neutral shirt colors, invest in quality denim, and find a flexible jacket to layer up or down. Enjoy travelling to one of our favorite cities in the world and please use this guide for what to wear every season in London.

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