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What to Wear: Aspen Food & Wine | RES IPSA

Aspen, CO — The Food and Wine festival marks the start of the summer season in Aspen. After spending the last several months between Marrakech, London, New York City, Nantucket, and Los Angeles — we can’t wait to get back to Aspen and celebrate the start of a new season.

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Don’t judge a book by its cover, Aspen’s notorious Food and Wine Classic is not for the weak hearted. Hours of eating and drinking at high altitude in the heavy Colorado sunshine will take a toll on even the most seasoned F&W goers. If you plan on making it through the whole weekend without ending up on a @Chadtucket post, follow our advice and pack these essentials:

There is a fine line between looking like a lobster or Mark Zuckerberg on a surfboard, and that fine line is made from beaver pelt. In addition to adding personality to any outfit, our beaver pelt hats will keep you safe in the sun all day, as well as looking like an Aspen local at night. We designed a new batch of hats that just hit our Aspen store last week—we can’t wait to see them around town!

We started our list from the head, so now we are moving down to your shoulders. Not only will this piece protect you from the sun, but also keep you from running home to change once the sun sets and temperatures drop. There are endless ways (well technically 6) of wearing this piece so you can debut a new version twice a day for F&W.

Now that you’ve got the safety protocols taken care of, let's celebrate the start of summer with a linen camp collar button down.. Maybe pack a few in case of spillage. If you’re feeling adventurous, go for the camp shirt & short set in both silk and linen.

Tie one on and tie it all together with a light, summer ready cactus silk belt. Our signature cactus silk pillow cases add a bright splash of summer to every room and our belts are no exception.

Don’t let a heavy pair of denim weigh you down before you get a chance to load up on caviar. Opt for a lightweight pair of Res Ipsa repurposed Dickies painter pants and add to your canvas with a few red wine spills. Unlike denim, this canvas material dries quickly and does not get weighed down by water, wine, or sweat.

Res Ipsa Cowhide MulesShop Men's Cowhide Mule Collection
Shop Women's Cowhide Mule Collection

Something about our cowhide mule screams “Aspen” to us. Unfortunately, there is a limited time frame where these can be worn in Aspen, and that time frame starts now! Turn heads in a variety of colors and prints available at our Aspen store.

We can’t wait to see you this weekend and start the summer season here in Aspen. Stop by our stores on East Hyman and see what we’ve been up to!


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