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What to Do in Aspen this Fall | RES IPSA

Aspen, CO -- A late Food and Wine festival capped off the summer season here in Aspen back in September. As the tents from Food and Wine came down, the leaves, temperatures, and tourist numbers followed suit. A much welcomed new season came to town and made us realize why we love Aspen so much. No matter how crazy things are in the world, Aspen always reminds us that nature is in charge and we must constantly adapt. Failure to adapt will lead to literal and figurative cold feet. As we adapt to the fall season, we invite you to join us and share some of our favorite experiences here in the Silver City.

Res Ipsa Downtown Aspen
Speaking of cold feet, it's time to put away your summer clothes. Fall in the Rocky Mountains includes brisk daytime temperatures with lots of sunshine and cold, starry nights. Another reason to love fall in Aspen is the chance to wear a Cowichan sweater almost every day.

Our Cowichan sweaters paired with our signature 501s and new Kilim clogs are all you will need for an autumn day and night in Aspen.

Shop Vintage 501 Denim (Please DM us on IG or email us info@resipsausa.com to see more inventory from our retail locations)

Add a beaver pelt hat to look like a true local.

Res Ipsa Beaver Hat
Beaver Hats (Please DM us on IG or email us info@resipsausa.com to see more inventory from our retail locations)

Now that your outfit is set and out of mind, let's start planning your day:
●  Start with Brunch at Mawa’s Kitchen at the ABC. 
The buttermilk pancakes and Mawa’s Benedict are our favorites @mawaskitchen https://www.mawaskitchen.com/
●  Head back into town and rent an electric bike for the day. 
E-bikes eliminate the need for a car and crowded bus trips
●  Ride over to the gondola and grab a passenger pass for lunch. 
We love lunch at the Sundeck for the views and good company
●  Descend Aspen Mountain via the Silver Queen Gondola then head to Maroon Bells on your bike. 
Maroon Bells is one of the most photographed landscapes in North America and looks best during the fall
Res Ipsa Maroon Bells●  Head back into town after a long ride and refuel at Clark’s Oyster Bar for happy hour.
A great place to sit outside for oysters and half price martinis from 3-5, plus $8 shot & beer all day @clarksaspen https://clarksaspen.com/
●  To experience a true Rocky Mountain high, stop by Dalwhinnie Farms Dispensary on your way to John Denver Sanctuary for premium Colorado cannabis products.
John Denver Sanctuary is the perfect spot to park your bike and enjoy an easy walk along the river with tributes to John Denver throughout the trail @dalwhinniefarms https://dalwhinnie.com/
●  As the sun starts to set- head up the hill from John Denver sanctuary to the Living Room at the Hotel Jerome for a drink. 
This is our favorite hotel in town and has plenty of history and stories @hoteljeromeauberge https://aubergeresorts.com/hoteljerome/
●  If you’re feeling up for a true dining experience, try Monarch Steakhouse. 
One of our favorite restaurants in town- start with the table-side caesar salad https://www.monarchaspen.com
●  If you want something more casual- take a trip down Highway 82 to the Woody Creek Tavern. 
A local favorite known for being Hunter S Thompson’s watering hole @woody_creek_tavern https://woodycreektavern.com/
● Finish the evening with a pastry or ice cream from Paradise Bakery in town. 

Hopefully this list will get your trip off to a great start. Come see us at Res Ipsa 505 E. Hyman Ave for your day 2 itinerary!
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