Waves, Whales, and Wonders: Res Ipsa's Guide to Nantucket | RES IPSA - RES IPSA

Waves, Whales, and Wonders: Res Ipsa's Guide to Nantucket | RES IPSA

Nantucket, MA - Home to our flagship store, Nantucket is always near and dear to our hearts. As summer turns to fall and bustling crowds head off the island, late August and all of September is the ideal time of the year to travel to the island. We made a short list for your next Nantucket trip – a few of our favorite places to dine, discover, and shop. We hope you enjoy your next visit! 

Res Ipsa Nantucket


Cru is perhaps the most renowned waterfront dining destination in Nantucket – and for good reason. Offering a seamless blend of coastal elegance, exquisite seafood cuisine, picturesque location, and impeccable service, Cru is a must-visit for those seeking a memorable culinary experience by the sea. Indulge in the ultimate culinary delight: the Lobster roll. Try is warm on the toasted bun. 

Res Ipsa Nantucket


One of our neighbors on India Street, dinner at the Proprietors will leave you feeling satisfied and light – our ideal combination of feelings post-eating. With a locally sourced menu, great ambiance, and kind staff, Proprietors is a must. Start with the hummus and fried broccoli. 


Delve into Nantucket's history through its whaling past at this informative museum. Exhibits, artifacts, and interactive displays offer insights into the island's seafaring legacy — educational, inspiring, and fun for adults and children. 

Res Ipsa Nantucket


Experience the local flavor at Cisco Brewers, where you can enjoy craft beer, wine, and spirits. The vibrant atmosphere, full of live music, laughs, and local food trucks make it a go-to gathering spot. Taste test the Blue-Haired Lady. 


Venture to the most eastern edge of the island to view this scenic lighthouse and enjoy sweeping coastline views. The bluff may be falling off to sea, but that is just part of Nantucket's coastal charm and evidence of global climate changes. We enjoy biking out and back to ‘Sconset along the Polpis trail.


Nantucket has endless walks. One of our favorite walks in Nantucket is Tupancy Links. Just off Cliff Road, Tupancy Links is over 1.5 miles of serenity with cliff views of the north shore and harbor.   


Relax on this family-friendly beach, perfect for swimming, picnicking, and enjoying the island's natural beauty. Catch a sunset. Steps beach will most certainly make you believe the hype about Nantucket.


Such an enjoyable place to get lost for an hour and discover a new read. Nantucket Bookworks is charming and has a great atmosphere to explore new novels. This is a quintessential must visit for all bibliophiles. 


Of course, Res Ipsa is our favorite place on Nantucket to shop. Located at 3 India Street, home to our flagship store, Res Ipsa Nantucket is open every day in August and September. We welcome you to visit! Keep reading to shop some of our top sellers from the spring and summer. 

Res Ipsa Nantucket

Shop Velvet “Don’t Be a Little Bitch” Pillow Covers 
Velvet Pillow Cover

This conversation-starting pillow cover sold out each week we re-stocked them. Our Velvet Pillow Cover uses repurposed velvet fabrics with custom gold-colored hand embroidery and trimming. Each pillow case is made by hand at our Marrakech atelier. Shop while they are in stock – if you are lucky enough!  

Shop Men’s Kilim Clogs and Women’s Kilim Clogs

Step into a world where fashion and tradition intertwine flawlessly with our Kilim clog. With its woven Kilim fabric boasting intricate patterns and vibrant colors, our clogs are a captivating fusion of style and heritage. 

Shop Silk Kaftans

Shop our Silk Kaftan. Elevate your style by adorning yourself in luxury — making a statement that exudes elegance with each step you take. The silky feeling is flawless. 

Shop Crochet Bomber Hoodies

Stay cozy and stylish with our Crochet Bomber Hoodie. Handcrafted with hand-crocheted squares and patterns, our hoodie combines warmth and fashion effortlessly. Perfect for adding a touch of texture to your everyday look.

Shop Cactus Silk Clutch

Elevate your style with our exquisite cactus silk clutch. Handcrafted with care, its unique texture and vibrant colors make it the perfect accessory for any occasion.

In summation, late-summer and early fall is a great time to visit Nantucket. After the lively summer months, in time for serene autumn, and before the tranquil winter —it is hard to beat the feeling of long fall weekend on island. Regardless of the season, the island's attractions, from its historical sites to stunning beaches and grasslands, await your exploring. And when it comes to shopping, Res Ipsa Nantucket stands as a shining example of the island’s dedication to style and authenticity. We hope you’ll visit! 

Bonus Read: A Shorter-Short List 
Written by Ruslan, our Nantucket store manager

Nantucket, a gem off the coast, is truly an enigma. With its bewitching beauty and allure, the island has this magnetic pull that beckons one to return time and time again. Life might take you on various adventures, but a force always nudges you back to Nantucket’s shores.

Res Ipsa Nantucket

If you ever find yourself on this enchanting island, there are a few spots that have truly captured my heart. First and foremost, the dock on Washington Street is an absolute must-visit. Just standing there, you can feel the heartbeat of the island.

Res Ipsa Nantucket

Another exquisite location is Galley Beach. It’s not just a restaurant; it’s an experience. Imagine savoring gourmet dishes as you gaze upon the vast ocean, all while being treated to a mesmerizing sunset.

Res Ipsa Nantucket

Lastly, for a trip down memory lane, the Ships Inn is where you want to be. This establishment doesn’t just serve delectable food, it transports you to the 19th century. The ambiance, the decor, and the cuisine all blend seamlessly to give you an unforgettable dining experience.

Come, lose yourself in Nantucket, and discover your own heart-felt places.

- Ruslan

Res Ipsa Nantucket


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