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Tips for Better Travel | Res Ipsa

You either like being miserable or you don't. It's a choice. And when when it comes to traveling, it's especially good to make the right choices. Whether it's navigating security lines, selecting the best reward cards, or securing reimbursement for accommodations and food after delayed flights, NYT Travel section writer Stephanie Rosenblum recently broke down eight helpful tips to make your travel experience infinitely better. Read Rosenblum's full list here. In addition to her list, below we have a few tips of our own. 

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1. Going to miss your flight?
It's better to call than do nothing at all. They'll take care you at the airport, too.

2. We love to buy one-way tickets.
Although our mother's disagree with us, sometimes it feels better not knowing when you're coming back. And it's often cheaper to buy a series of one-way tickets than round-trip. 

3. You need less than you think.
We're big proponents of flying with carry-on as often as possible. 

5. Keep a fully stocked dopp kit.
You just must practice this habit. You must.

6. Keep two of everything.
You'll never run out or get stuck with cheap gum and bad breath.  


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