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Timeless Graduation Gifts | RES IPSA

To the Class of 2020, all we can say is Keep Calm and Carry On. Whether it be in person or virtually, we hope you are able to celebrate this once-in-a-lifetime experience alongside your family, friends and community.

Are you looking for the perfect gift to give the graduate? We hand-picked some gifts that befit a life milestone--handmade heirloom items that will last a lifetime.   

Res Ipsa American Flag Cowichan Sweater

Our American Flag sweater is the second of three hand-knit sweaters in our Cowichan collection. This iconic piece will last you a lifetime. It is ideal for someone that loves all things Americana. 

Res Ipsa Dude Hand-Knit Cowichan SweaterThe ultimate higher education sweater abides! The Dude himself dabbled in higher education, but by his own admission "spent most of my time occupying various, um, administration buildings, smoking thai-stick, breaking into the ROTC, and bowling. I'll tell you the truth, Brandt, I don't remember most of it."

Is your graduation a Little Lebowski Over-Achiever? This is the perfect sweater to wear and read “The Year’s Work in Lebowski Studies,” an essay collection edited by Edward P. Comentale and Aaron Jaffe (Indiana University Press, $24.95).

Our authentic Cowichan Dude sweater we officially tout as the greatest sweater of its kind. If you want to have really, really cool style, look no further, man!

Res Ipsa Souvenir Jacket


A jacket with history and meaning. A gift for the history buff: the souvenir jacket takes its name from the World War II American soldiers who served in the Pacific who brought these traditional Japanese jackets home as souvenirs. A gift for the counter-cultural rebel: post-WWII Japan became obsessessed with American style (think Levi's 501s and oxford cloth button-downs). Those who didn’t want to conform to the Americana-obsessed trend chose to adopt the Sukajan as a statement piece and an act of defiance. The style was adopted by the working class youth, and it became a symbol of rebellion in post-war Japan, and Yakuza ties.

Our souvenir jacket is reversible: black body with white sleeves on one side, and a green body with yellow sleeves on the reverse side. It is a show-stopping satin piece for someone with supreme taste. 

Res Ipsa Keep Calm & Carry On Loafers

What could be a better reminder of how COVID-19 upended our lives in 2020. Our Keep Calm & Carry On loafers will be a positive reminder for your graduate's next black tie event (whenever such events are safe and possible again). The message hails from a small set of WWII morale-boosting propaganda posters distributed by the British Government's Ministry of Information. However, this poster was to be posted only upon the invasion of Britain by Germany, thus the poster was never seen by public until its discovery 60 years later.  

Res Ipsa Snuff Suede Loafers

Looking for a wardrobe workhorse to give your recent graduate some grown-up swagger? Our Snuff Suede loafers are all about pairing comfort with casual style. With these loafers and the summer months ahead, your grad can start developing a young and sleek professional appearance. 

Res Ipsa Mud Cloth Loafers

Our Mud Cloth loafers are the newest addition to our story. A timeless textile discovered in Morocco, our mud cloth loafers are made from West African cotton pieces created using traditional practices & processes. Each mud cloth is a unique creation: there is only one. We take these handmade vintage fabrics and add a durable leather sole and leather trim to create one-of-a-kind loafers that are comfortable and versatile to wear.


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