The Weekender: A Classic of Travelers Around the World | RES IPSA - RES IPSA

The Weekender: A Classic of Travelers Around the World | RES IPSA

Istanbul, Turkey — Our Kilim Weekender Bag is made for travel. If you are searching for the perfect weekend travel bag, you may be wondering, what makes for a quality luggage piece? We will joyfully share with you how the magic is in the material and that is our belief that every product should have a story. Read on to learn a very brief background on the weekender bag rooted in story, and discover why you may consider our one-of-a-kind Kilim Weekender Bag as your next travel companion.

Res Ipsa Kilim Weekender Bag
A Brief Excerpt from 1873: "Around the World in 80 Days"

We start our journey back in time with a classic novel. In Chapter 4 of "Around the World in 80 Days", Phineas Fogg carried a kilim bag along with his "stout shoes". 

"Yes," returned Phileas Fogg. "We are going round the world."

Passepartout opened wide his eyes, raised his eyebrows, held up his hands, and seemed about to collapse, so overcome was he with stupefied astonishment.

"Round the world!" he murmured.

"In eighty days," responded Mr. Fogg. "So we haven't a moment to lose."

"But the trunks?" gasped Passepartout, unconsciously swaying his head from right to left.

"We'll have no trunks; only a carpet–bag, with two shirts and three pairs of stockings for me, and the same for you. We'll buy our clothes on the way. Bring down my mackintosh and traveling–cloak, and some stout shoes, though we shall do little walking. Make haste!"

That is how you pack your weekender! 

Mid-20th Century Inspiration: 1947 Introduces the classic 'Bogie' Bag

In the early days of air travel when classic steamer trunks became impractical, Humphrey Bogart sought a bag lightweight enough for air travel but rugged enough to stand up to the demands of an international lifestyle. Humphrey Bogart commissioned a personalized canvas and leather duffel bag in 1947 that became known as the 'Bogie' Bag. The fabric and leather combination became an enduring classic. Our kilim weekender pays homage to this bag.

What is Important to Consider in a Weekender Bag?

Style. Endurance. Functionality. Versatility. Practicality. Price.

Every weekender bag reflects the values of its traveler and will command the travel experience from start-to-finish. Therefore, each traveler should consider their expectations as well as what they value most about the travel experience before purchasing their next travel companion.

From the early stages of packing, to carrying the bag through the airport, lifting the bag into the overhead compartment, and then making your way to the final destination, have no doubts that your bag impacts your travel experience. Each traveller should consider important details of a potential luggage piece: its cost, size dimensions, finish, zipper, and strap. We also believe it is also essential to find a weekender that is verified as durable enough for carrying over years of travel and versatile enough to carry through different weather conditions.

Res Ipsa Kilim Weekender Bag

Are you taking a winter weekend trip to Aspen? Heading to Nantucket for a long summer weekend away? Flying to Los Angeles or taking a business trip to NYC? We believe for whatever your weekend travel occasion, we designed an extremely durable, self-evidently stylish weekender that will exceed your every needs for all your shorter trips.

Inspired by a visit to Istanbul, each Kilim Weekender Bag is one-of-a-kind, handmade from vintage 50-to-100 year old handwoven rugs. Each weekender bag includes a button down side strap, a leather trimming and a full leather bottom, a woven cross-body shoulder strap, and a YKK zipper (Yoshida Kogyo Kabushikikaisha). Turkish kilim is extremely durable which will provide for long lasting travels. Because each Turkish rug is unique, no two bags will ever be identical. 

Our Kilim Weekender Bag is the perfect airline carry-on size, with dimensions measuring 24" x 16" x 9". Each bag can tighten for lighter loads or expand for a full weekend of travels.

Kilim Weekender Bag

The kilim and leather finish combo are giving international flair and Mary Poppins nostalgia. The natural patina of the vintage kilim rugs and the leather finish will only get better with wear from each new journey. 

Our weekender speaks for itself. 

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