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9 Pairs of Res Ipsa Shoes: The Ed Roberts Story | RES IPSA

Recently, one of our most loyal customers reached out to us to let us know how much he enjoys our shoes...so much that he just purchased his NINTH pair! 

We jumped at the opportunity to learn more about him and his overwhelming love and support for Res Ipsa. We want to share his story with you. Whether you are new to kilim, you are on the fence about buying your first pair of kilim loafers, or you already sport our kilim goods, you'll want to hear what this man has to say about our shoes! Read all about how this cat has 9...pairs of Res Ipsa kilim loafers, sneakers, and chukka boots. 

Res Ipsa Shoes

Res Ipsa: What obstacle(s) might have prevented you from purchasing Res Ipsa goods?
Ed: If there were any initial obstacles to purchasing Res Ipsa goods, those obstacles were completely self-imposed.

When I first encountered the brand at Liles Studio in Raleigh, North Carolina, I must admit, I had never seen shoes made out of Turkish Kilim rugs before. Now, I’ve walked on many rugs in my life, but I have certainly never ever worn one! I remember seeing Nate, the stylist at Liles, wearing a beautiful pair of Res Ipsa loafers. I immediately thought to myself, “Cool, but definitely not for me. They’re probably wildly expensive!”

After chatting with Nate and learning more about the origins of the Res Ipsa brand, I checked out the website and Instagram feed. I was pleasantly surprised by the high-quality as well as the overall affordability of the products.

Res Ipsa: When did you buy your first pair and what convinced you?
Ed: When I first saw the Res Ipsa loafers in the store, the uniqueness of the style sort of haunted me. I kept thinking about those cool shoes. I went back to the store several times and asked the stylist more and more questions about how to wear the loafers and what style of clothes to match with them. The answer I kept getting each time was that I could wear Res Ipsa’s with just about anything and everything.

After a month of deliberation, in November of 2016, I bought not one, not two, but three pairs of loafers! I went all in for Res Ipsa and have never looked back. I absolutely love the aesthetic of the products and all the brand represents.

Res Ipsa: What do you like about the shoes and brand?
Ed: I really like that the shoes are made from recycled materials—Turkish Kilim rugs. When I slip the loafers on, I feel like I am wearing a bit of history with a hint of rebellion.

Res Ipsa Shoes

Res Ipsa: What have you found as a result of buying our shoes?
Ed: I have found that these shoes are very comfortable and great conversational ice breakers. Wherever I travel when wearing my Res Ipsa shoes - the office, the grocery store, Saks, the airport, in Raleigh or Boston - I meet friendly new people who want to know who designed my shoes and what material was used to create them. When I tell them that my shoes were made from someone’s rug, they are delighted by the idea and intrigued to get to know more about me and the shoes.

A quick true story: I was eating lunch with my wife at the Chive Blossom Café in Pawley’s Island, South Carolina and a fella who was eating with his family yelled across the restaurant, “Awesome loafers, dude!”

I was surprised he could see my feet under the table, but I was wearing those awesome orange, blue and green, polka dot, lattice loafers. Those shoes definitely don’t fade into the woodwork!

Res Ipsa: Would you recommend others to Res Ipsa? If so, why?
Ed: Absolutely! Why? Well, the reason is simple. If you want to stand out from the crowd and express yourself without having to say one word, these shoes, like the meaning of Res Ipsa, speaks for themselves. I love that!

Res Ipsa: Why 9 pairs?
Ed: Why not?! After losing 90 pounds and turning 50 soon, I’m done with blending in and playing it safe, fashionably speaking. Res Ipsa helps me break all the rules. I’ve got nine pair today (two purchased as gifts for my wife) and plan to purchase more in the near future. I really want one of those GREAT Kilim Weekender bags for my travels.

Res Ipsa Shoes

Res Ipsa: What’s your favorite pair?
Ed: Boy! That’s like asking which kid is your favorite! This is a tough question because each pair I own is incredibly unique and one-of-a-kind. I like that about the Res Ipsa brand.

Each pair is my favorite during the specific period of time that I am wearing them. My shoes (along with my clothes) express to the world my renewed inner confidence, greatly improved well-being and burning creativity.

I thoroughly enjoy that my Res Ipsas stand out from the sea of awful, heavy-soled, brown shoes the guys in my office wear that look like hybrids of cross-trainers and brogans. 

Res Ipsa: Is there anything you’d like to add?
Ed: Res Ipsa shoes are sort of like Lay’s Potato Chips, bet you can’t buy just one [pair].

Res Ipsa Loafer

Res Ipsa would like to thank Ed for his loyalty to our brand and his support in making this article possible. Also, we'd like to thank Shaun Braswell for the photography. 

For readers, if you have any feedback for us, would like the opportunity to be featured in an article, or have any questions about Res Ipsa, please reach out to us by email info@resipsausa.com. 


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