Res Ipsa Previews Fall '18 Styles at Project NY | Res Ipsa

New York - Project NY, a premier fashion event exhibiting men’s contemporary and designer collections, wrapped up earlier this week.  Res Ipsa showcased its Fall ’18 styles alongside other contemporary menswear brands.  Following our appearances in Florence, Italy at Pitti Uomo and Project NY, we'll be on the road for the next few weeks visiting Charlotte and Las Vegas.  Throughout the next year, we’ll be rolling out our Fall ‘18 styles and designs on the website. #OurBrandisTravel 

Res Ipsa at Project NY Holding the original kilim loafers and boots, co-founders Odini Gogo (left) in new Res Ipsa lace-up kilim sneakers and Joshua Moore (right) in Res Ipsa kilim loafers.

Res Ipsa at Project NY Alongside the Fall '18 preview, Cole Crouch (left), Director of Brand Management, in Donegal Tweed chukka boots and Mike Dorazio (right), Head of Sales and Marketing, in Day of the Dead loafers