Res Ipsa 'Gang' Celebrates a Happy Mother's Day | RES IPSA - RES IPSA

Res Ipsa 'Gang' Celebrates a Happy Mother's Day | RES IPSA

We love family. Today we celebrate Mother's Day. Our travels and lifestyles are bettered every day by these mighty women. From how they support our journey to why they mean so much to us, enjoy our gang's thoughts and throwbacks on our mothers! Happy Mother's Day to all!


Res Ipsa
Odini and his mother 

My mother is my Home. She is my steadying force, my refuge, my comforter, and my biggest cheerleader.  She taught me that I can do anything — and I believe her. All that I am and strive to be, I owe to my darling mother. Nneka — “Mother is Supreme.”
Joshua Moore
Mama Josh and Josh in Nantucket, MA circa 2018

I love and appreciate that my mom is unconditionally supportive. She never pressures me to substitute what makes her happy for what makes me happy. Even when I told her I was quitting my lawyer job she never even asked “are you sure?” 

Res Ipsa
Carlton and his mother 

Wherever I’m traveling, I will call my mother to tell her of my safe arrival. Whatever I’m doing, I will tell my mother and receive her endless love and support. I’m very grateful for a kind and caring mother that has raised me (alongside my father) to the man I am today.

Cole and his mama
Cole and his mama circa 1999

Most of all, I love how happy and encouraging my mom has become about my decision to travel and grow with our brand. She's learning how much more of the world there is to see through my eyes and I believe she's growing all the time together with me in ways she may never otherwise. Our solo-trip together in Nantucket last summer was one example that opened her eyes to understanding just what it means to be me for a time. We were able to share the experience first-hand, and I enjoyed that with her. 

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