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Res Ipsa Core Beliefs | RES IPSA

Res Ipsa Core Beliefs

Since 2013, Res Ipsa was born out of a desire to break with convention.
We operate Res Ipsa from a set of core beliefs that guide what we do and why we do it. Periodically we like to re-iterate these core beliefs to keep us focused and to remind our customers what we stand for. 

Inspired by our travels to the great cities of the world, including New York, LA, Paris, London, Tokyo, Marrakech and Istanbul, we're your destination for premium handmade travel leisure goods. 


1. We believe that retail is not dead.

Res Ipsa Aspen

2. We believe that you should do something with joy, or not at all.

Res Ipsa

3. We believe that beauty is not trivial.

Res Ipsa Kilim Loafers

4. We believe that every product should have a story.

Res Ipsa

5. We believe humans are hard-wired for narrative.

Res Ipsa

6. We believe that every person should travel as far as they can as often as they can.

Jessica Nabongo

7. We believe that travel is important because it opens minds and hearts.

Res Ipsa

8. We believe that you get back what you put out.

Inside our Atelier: Meet our Design Team in Marrakech, Morocco

9. We believe makers of well-made products deserve to make a fair profit & living wage.

Res Ipsa

10. We believe that small businesses are the bedrock of a strong economy.


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