Res Ipsa Atelier & Production Team in Marrakech, Morocco | RES IPSA - RES IPSA

Res Ipsa Atelier & Production Team in Marrakech, Morocco | RES IPSA

Marrakech, Morocco — Res Ipsa opened its own atelier (French "workshop") in Marrakech, Morocco in October 2019. We decided early on that we needed to build our own factory so that we could create the full vision for the brand. Controlling our means of production from start-to-finish means that we can create products responsibly and sustainably, making only what we need and eliminating waste. You can read more about our atelier’s low-impact, up-cycling practices here.

One of our core beliefs is that we believe makers of well-made products deserve to make a fair profit & living wage. We employ experienced local artisans to help make our vision a reality. We invite you to visit our atelier and showroom if you go to Marrakech. Given the international travel hiatus, the next best thing is to tour our atelier and introduce you to our production team.

Res Ipsa Marrakech

Res Ipsa Atelier & Design Team in Marrakech, Morocco:
(left to right) 
Abde Jalil — Bag Specialist;
Mohammed — Shoemaker; Abdelali - Tailor


Res Ipsa MarrakechMohammed is making our popular babouche slippers

Our men’s and women’s Moroccan babouche slippers are handmade in our atelier in Marrakech, Morocco. The Moroccan babouche slipper derives from the Arabic 'babush' or Persian 'papush'. 
Instead of using traditional wool to weave the rugs, women in Morocco’s Atlas Mountain region weave together these yarn rugs from recycled carpets, wool, cotton, nylon, and plastic from shipping bags and packaging material to create beautiful rugs. This new practice began around the middle of 20th century. We in turn source worn and old rugs to make these colorful one-of-kind slippers. Read more about the 17th Century Monarch slippers here.
Babouche Slipper
Res Ipsa Women's Babouche Slippers
The apparel in our stores is made entirely by hand. Our summer collection includes genuine Indian madras fabric. We created several styles for men and women, including a Madras Sportcoat, patchwork and solid Madras shirts, Madras pants, Madras shorts, Madras kimonos and Madras sundresses. 

Res Ipsa Marrakech

Abdelali holding the reversible madras bomber jacket we designed.


Res Ipsa MarrakechAbde Jalil is making a handbag constructed from repurposed coffee bags.


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