Repairing & Repurposing: The Evolution of Our Vintage Military Collection | Res Ipsa - RES IPSA

Repairing & Repurposing: The Evolution of Our Vintage Military Collection | Res Ipsa

Los Angeles, CA — If you did not have an opportunity to visit any of our 5 retail stores this summer or fall in Nantucket, Aspen, Vail, Los Angeles and Malibu, we missed you. We want to bring you up to speed with some of our newest collections we just made available online. 

Res Ispa

Res Ipsa

Our new vintage military collection aimed at minimizing our waste impact while also evolving our repairing & repurposing work with vintage US military attire. First, we replicated the real-life "black" budget military patches that hint into the top-secret multi-billion US Intelligence budget. Second, we drew upon everything we love about classic, 1940's archival Japanese design and motifs with new custom embroidery work -- also designed into our newest 'sukujan' souvenir jackets. 

Our work threaded together two cultures and stories we love to tell and also bridged the past with the present. We created modern, one-of-a-kind streetwear attire with an international flair.

Res Ipsa Souvenir Jacket

Res Ipsa Souvenir Jacket

Our unisex reversible satin souvenir jacket features an embroidered tiger and an embroidered dragon that are also faithful to an original 1940s archival design

While each of these products boasts a cool back story as well as a new connection to the $60+ billion dollar classified "black" budget, we narrowed the history lessons to just the couple of products made available online.

Read on to learn more about our Vintage Army Green Field shirts and our 3rd generation Vietnam-era M-65 embroidered military liners inspired by our Japanese-inspired 'sukajan' souvenir jackets. Shop the new styles that can be worn year round or layered with any winter wardrobe.

Res Ipsa Army Green Field Shirt

Vintage Army Green Field Shirt

Our vintage field shirts are repurposed with embroidered tigers faithful to an original 1940s archival design. Our genuine 70's utility shirts are named for the Army OG-107 "Olive Green 107" coloring distinction. The field shirts were included in the uniform regimen for all branches of the US Armed Forces for over 35 years from '52-'89. 

Res Ipsa Army Green Field Shirt

Res Ipsa Army Green Field Shirt

Each vintage field shirt is a one-of-a-kind design repurposed with custom embroidered patchwork. The back of each shirt features one of three main designs: an embroidered tiger head, an embroidered yellow tiger, or a hand-painted canvas tiger head. The front chest above the pockets feature custom "Res Ipsa" & "Loquitur". Above the front chest pockets as well as on the upper sleeves feature our Black budgeted military patches. These are custom patches we created in exact replica of those worn on military uniforms -- patches revealing the hidden stories behind the Pentagon's classified multi-billion dollar budget. 

Our Vintage Army Green Field Shirts are available online and at Res Ipsa in Nantucket, Aspen, Vail, Los Angeles and Malibu. 

Vietnam-Era M-65 Military Liners

Res Ispa M-65 Military Liner

A few years ago, we shared a brief history introducing our repurposed collection of vintage, genuine issued M-65 military jackets. And for the past three years, inspired by our souvenir jackets, each year we have redesigned a new 'generation' of our embroidered tiger Military liner with World War II-era Japanese souvenir jacket tiger artwork embroidery. The latest Military liner features an embroidered white-tiger.

Res Ispa M-65 Military Liner

Res Ispa M-65 Military Liner

The Military liner is a quilted-polyester fabric covering 3 plies of nylon. It has boxy-shaped silhouette, open underarms and comes in various shades of olive drab green. While they were designed to line and insulate the inside of M-65 jackets. With its button holes on the front edges of the chest, neck, and sleeve bottoms, the liner buttons into all standard US military issued Field jackets. Each jacket is one-of-a-kind in its olive shade color and well-worn appearance, including sun exposure and minor nicks & scratches (we like to think of them as beauty marks). 

Military liners were designed to be added as an extra layer of interior insulation for colder weather. Later, buttons were added to the outside so it could be worn independently of a Field jacket.

This multi-functional jacket will be a valuable layering piece for your wardrobe. Our embroidered white-tiger military liners are available online and at Res Ipsa in Nantucket, Aspen, Vail, Los Angeles and Malibu.



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