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Quick Tips for Solo Travel: Pt. III Featuring Melissa Christo | Res Ipsa

Wondering what it's like to travel the world all on your own? We want to help inspire you and share some smart advice on how to get started with solo travel. For the final edition of our three part series on quick tips for solo travelers, we interviewed our friend, proud owner of her Res Ipsa kilim sneakers and world traveler, Melissa Christo. Read the full interview and her 3 tips below! 

Melissa Christo

Q: Where are you now?

A: Phi Phi islands and heading to Vietnam after!

Q: What do you like about traveling?

A: I love the feeling of takeoff, and being able to try local cuisines! I also love to shop for unique items while traveling.

Q: Where all have you traveled?

A: I have visited 27 countries, with some of my favorites being Morocco, Japan, Greece, and Bali.

Melissa Christo

Q: Do you prefer solo travel? What do you enjoy about it?

A: Solo traveling is the ultimate freedom. The ability to change plans and meet people along the way is exciting! And as it goes in any part of life, if you enter a place with a good attitude and respect, good things will happen!

Q: What are 2-3 quick tips you have for young women and men interested in starting solo travel? 

A: 1. Eat the local food. 
2. If you are doing multiple destinations, mix up your choice of accommodations! One nice resort, one casual hostel/air bnb. Once you know what you like, stick with that type of accommodation; where you stay is only a small part of your travel experience!
3. Not comfortable traveling solo? Travel with one person that matches you well! For me, my go-to person has always been my mom. 


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