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Quick Tips for Solo Travel: Pt. I featuring Jessica Nabongo | Res Ipsa

Wondering what is it like to travel alone? Solo travel can be intimidating and life-changing. You'll become a better problem solver. Your mental health will flourish. You'll boost your creativity. Oh, and your Instagram level will skyrocket. From improving your self and social awareness to leaving your comfort zone to learning how wonderful it is getting lost, traveling alone will do wonders for your life you can only know when you go for it.

Jessica Nabongo

Our friend and greatest inspiration for solo travel is Jessica Nabongo. Jessica is on her quest to be the first black woman to travel to every country in the world. She has already visited over 140 of 195 countries. Jessica has a few tips for you on how to get started with your solo travel adventures. Follow her IG: @thecatchmeifyoucan

Jessica Nabongo

  1. If you are a bit hesitant about solo travel, start local! Rent a car and drive 100 miles from your home and explore a place that you have never been. Try eating dinner alone, visiting museums alone and maybe even a short hike alone. This will help to boost your confidence before heading abroad. 

    Jessica Nabango

  2. Pick a location where you will feel comfortable because comfort will lead to confidence. While traveling solo, confidence is everything so that people do not take advantage of you. So pick a place where you feel comfortable with the language and the safety of the country. 

    Jessica Nabango

  3. Set an itinerary, but remain flexible. When traveling solo, having an itinerary in place will allow you to make sure that you are maximizing your time. Remain flexible so that if you meet a new friend or learn about better options once on the ground you can change up your schedule and have an even better experience.




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