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Postcard from Nantucket | RES IPSA

Greetings from Nantucket!

The very first Res Ipsa store was in Nantucket. Our store is located at 3 India Street, and this island holds a special place in our hearts. We have some rituals in our annual summer visit to Nantucket that we want to share in the hope that it will inspire you to visit Nantucket or inspire you to share your own rituals from the special places that you know well.

Res Ipsa Nantucket is open and ready for you to visit! 

Gardiner's Corner

The compass rose on the side of the Ralph Lauren building has attracted attention to Nantucket’s place in the world for about 75 years. It was created and put on the side of his store by H. Marshall Gardiner in the early 1930s. The compass rose, showing mileages around the world from Gardiner’s Corner, links Nantucket to its whaling past as well as to the larger world. In the days of whaling, Nantucket vessels were putting into ports such as Tahiti, Samoa and New Zealand. The whale oil brought back to Nantucket would travel on to light the lamps of London and the big cities of Europe.

Biking to 'Sconset: 

Perhaps the thing we look most forward to is a bike ride to 'Sconset, a little village on the eastern tip of Nantucket where the whaling captains had their summer homes. The cottages are historical (some dating back to the 1600s), within climbing roses and the Sankaty Head, the platonic ideal lighthouse.

  Nantucket is known as the Grey Lady because the fog can roll in at any time. Our ride started our sunny and when we got to Sankaty Head you could barely see it!

We missed peak rose cottage by just a few days.

Saturdays are for the buoys

Lobster Roll at Cru: 

No trip to Nantucket is complete without a lobster roll and rose, and Cru did not disappoint. There are lots of good things on the menu, but the star of the show is the lobster roll for two reasons: (1) it is served warm; (2) it is served with butter; and (3) the bun toasted on the outside and soft on the inside. There are many versions of lobster roll, and most of them have mayonnaise. Lobster rolls need mayonnaise like a fish needs a bicycle. Don't @ me. 


Cru is at the end of Straight Wharf, and views are incredible. 

Cornbread at BACKyard BBQ: 

We go to BACKyard BBQ for cornbread and butter like it's our job. The clam chowder is excellent, the smoked meats are great, but it's all about the cornbread. It's casual, you don't need a reservation, and the staff is great. Ask to sit in Prince's section.

Flowerboxes and Hydrangeas: 

The window flowerbox and the hydrangeas competition is fierce. Nantucket is famous for its stunning hydrangeas, and we believe we spotted the best ones on the island. Few places explode with the vibrant and bountiful blooms of hydrangeas as does the island of Nantucket. Nantucket hydrangeas, like other hydrangeas, can have different colors depending on the alkalinity of the soil. The soil, temperatures and moisture levels 30 miles out to sea come together to help create the most amazing array of purples, blues, pinks, periwinkles and lavenders.  



Ice Cream Showdown: 

We decided to compare two local favorites for ice cream: Juice Bar and Island Kitchen. Both are great. Juice Bar is the OG, and the line in the evenings can be around the block. We recommend the Crantucket. The locals know that that Island Kitchen has better ice cream, but even fewer know that you don't have to go all the way to mid-island to get it. The pharmacy on Main Street has Island Kitchen ice cream so it's easier to get your fix. The star of the show is the Grapenut, but the Banana Cream Pie and is a strong choice.


If you know you know

Sunset on Nobadeer Beach: 

We caught a sunset on Nobadeer Beach, which is popular with young people due to its seclusion and ability to drive on the beach. You can have a fire on Nobadeer beach, and sometimes the parties last until sunrise. There’s a surfbreak here, and when the winds are right the waves can be gnarly.


We can’t wait for you to experience the charm and beauty of Nantucket for yourself. If you’re planning a visit, be sure to drop by our Res Ipsa store and say hello. We’re excited to share more of our journey and hope it inspires your own adventures.




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