Patchwork & Paint: The Story Behind Res Ipsa's Vintage 501 Denim Collection | Res Ipsa

Marrakech, Morocco –– It is our vision to change the way we experience retail. The old days of “stack it high and watch it fly” are over. We believe in creating intentional experiences and products with stories that evoke beauty, love and purpose in this life. As we continue to evolve the brand into different facets, our goal of ‘zero waste’ has remained the same for all our collections. 

Beyond our one-of-a-kind kilim footwear & travel accessories, we always desired to offer a wider product selection that included apparel with subversive takes on classic Americana styles, and preppy but unconventional streetwear. 

Res Ipsa Vintage 501 Denim

Before we opened our atelier in Marrakech, one of our first apparel collections was our Vintage 501 Denim. We source vintage 501 jeans in need of refurbishment and repair them with cool stitchings, paint splatter and deadstock fabrics like vintage quilts, paint cloth, and West African wax fabrics

Res Ipsa Vintage American Quilts

Our in-house tailors & artists in LA as well as our production team in Marrakech work for hours repurposing and repairing each pair of these custom-distressed jeans.

The results are zero-waste, one-of-a-kind creations. Each pair has a flair that when worn on the street will stop any passerby to remark, "Where did you get those jeans?!". We respond with, "We made them. We sell them online and in our retail stores in Malibu, Nantucket, Aspen, Vail, and Los Angeles." 

Res Ipsa Vintage 501 Denim

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