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Now Available Vintage T-Shirt Collection | RES IPSA

Los Angeles, CA — Our best seller, one-of-a-kind Vintage T-Shirt collection is now available online. Our hand-selected collection of vintage t-shirts, sweatshirts, and hoodies features late 1960's through early 2000's originals. Incredibly cool & stylish —it's their softness that will surprise you. Oh, and we should mention, every product has a story. Shop the collection below. 

Res Ipsa Vintage Tee
Our Vintage T-shirt collection features a wide span of moments in pop culture, history, music, and sports, as well as it pays homage to historic brands, community events, national organizations, and travel & destination specific locations.

Res Ipsa Vintage Tee

Our collection prominently features original band T-shirts and moments in sports glory, spanning backwards more than a half-century and bringing forward many moments from the decades in between.

For music lovers, we feature everything from the Beatles 1965 sixth album release "Rubber Soul" to Bruce Springsteen & the E Street Band Reunion Tour T-shirt in 1999.

Res Ipsa Vintage Tee
Our collection also features several original T-shirts released by professional sports teams and in celebration of historic sports championships and tournaments, including the '90 & '91 US Opens, the '96 Yankees World Series, and the '96 Summer Olympics in ATL.

Our collection also includes original T-shirts released by iconic brands including Disney, Dr. Pepper, Point Beer, and Michelin, among several others.

Res Ipsa Vintage Tee

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