Mother's Day Favorites from Our Mothers | Res Ipsa - RES IPSA

Mother's Day Favorites from Our Mothers | Res Ipsa

Our mothers bringing you their favorite Res Ipsa goods for Mother's Day. Find the perfect gifts for your mother - kilim backpacks, clutches, loafers and sneakers - with recommendations from the most trusted (and unbiased) women in our lives. Here's a little taste of the love and support they give us every day of the year. Also, we threw in some throwbacks. Enjoy your special day, mothers! 

Momma's Favorites

Josh's mom
"I like the backpack...handsfree travel in style and ease of carrying those essential items. Also, the clutch...perfect accessory for everyday use...and with the backpack you have an on the go class act. (although I personally like a bifold wallet)." 

Mike's mom (Tina)
Tina and Res Ipsa
“My favorite Res Ipsa products are my kilim loafers and clutch. The loafers are super comfy and light for casual strolling, and the clutch is just right for holding my essentials without weighing me down!”

Carlton's mother
Her choice? The loafers. She said, “Makes a perfect statement with a simple outfit.”

Cole's mom (Michelle)
Michelle's sneakers
"The sneakers. They're comfortable and they're me. A student told me last week, 'You're like a colorful rainbow of love.'" 

The Good Old Days

Odini & his mother back in the day. Odini clearly developed his sense of style from his mother. Look at that dress - so lovely! 
Odini and his mother

Josh & his mother back in day. Josh must've been dreaming about the day he'd run his own travel and fashion business. Nice kicks, kiddo!  
Josh and his mother

Mike & his mother, Tina, circa 1995ish. She's the true MVP for teaching Mike the style and importance of layering from day 1. Also, look at his smile! 
Mike and Tina

Carlton & his mother sometime in the last 3-7 years. Carlton always had a winning smile. Also, he cropped out his twin brother. 
Carlton and his mother
Cole & his mother, Michelle, circa 1995. Cole had star power from an early age. 
Cole and his mother

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