Meet Some Res Ipsa Team Members & Their Moms | Res Ipsa

Malibu, CA  -- On this Mother's Day, we thought it would be fun to introduce some new Res Ipsa team members. We invite you to come say hello at our stores in Nantucket, Aspen, Malibu, Los Angeles, and Vail when you travel this summer! 

Malibu and Los Angeles

GabrielGabriel and his mom, Rebecca (Los Angeles)
ClarisseClarisse and her mom, Martine (Los Angeles)

JaviJavier and his mom, Adriana (Los Angeles and Malibu)

Larry, Res IpsaLarry and his mom, Doreyda (Los and Angeles and Malibu)


Aspen and Vail

BrandonBrandon and his mom, Guadalupe (Aspen)

JillyJilly and her mom, Judy (Vail)

HainesHaines and his mom, Maribeth (Aspen and Vail)

Mama Josh

Josh and his mom, Colleen

Mama Odini

Odini and his mom, Maudline

Mama Cole

Cole and his mom, Michelle