Introducing Vintage Signal Flag Kimonos | RES IPSA - RES IPSA

Introducing Vintage Signal Flag Kimonos | RES IPSA

Malibu, CA — Introducing our one-of-a-kind, limited collection of Vintage Signal Flag Kimonos. Each kimono we designed using hand-selected vintage maritime signal flags that we repurposed and up-cycled into a traditional kimono silhouette. Each kimono is detailed using patchwork vintage denim fabric for the collar. Read on for more about the significance of signal flags and to shop our repurposed collection. 

Vintage Signal Flagss

The Significance of Signal Flags

Before radio signal communications, the international mariner community used signal flags to send important messages to each other at sea. Whether flown solo or strung together, flags represent an entire language and special codes. Find the entire alphabet listed below! 

Vintage Signal Flags


Signal Flags

Res Ipsa Vintage Signal Flags

Shop our limited collection of Vintage Signal Flag Kimonos available online now. Our repurposed kimonos range from "I am on fire" to "I require assistance." Find other special commands below! 

International Mariner Flags

Signal Flags


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