Introducing Res Ipsa Kilim Clogs | RES IPSA - RES IPSA

Introducing Res Ipsa Kilim Clogs | RES IPSA

We are excited to share a new spin on a classic style of shoe: introducing Res Ipsa kilim clogs for men and women. Our clogs are made from 50-to-100 year old kilim rugs and feature a cork foot bed molded to the shape of your foot. There is an adjustable strap to secure the shoe for a tight fit. The leather sole has a thin rubber heel. 

Women's Kilim Clog

Res Ipsa Women's Kilim Clog

Res Ipsa Men's Kilim ClogRes Ipsa Men's Kilim Clog

We love products with a story, and the story of clogs goes back a long way. Carved wooden clogs have been around since in the early 1300s in Europe. They were originally worn by peasants and the lower classes, but within 100 years clogs became a fashionable choice of footwear.

Clogs trace their roots to “calceus” shoes, which were wooden soled shoes from the Roman Empire. Calceus shoes also had a leather strap that wrapped around the top of the foot. The design of the clog evolved due to the need for an enclosed shoe that offered protection from the elements. The oldest examples of European wooden shoes that resemble the clogs that are still worn today have been found in the Netherlands, and date from 1230 and 1280.

We are proud to be a part of this story by putting a new spin on an old favorite. We like these kilim clogs because they can be worn in summer or winter, and provide a relaxed and laid back option for casual situations. 


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