Introducing Jute Sneakers and Jute Mules | RES IPSA - RES IPSA

Introducing Jute Sneakers and Jute Mules | RES IPSA

Marrakech, Morocco — As one of our core beliefs states, we believe that every product should have a story. Inspired by our travels and in our commitment to zero waste, we repurpose things that would otherwise go unused into small collections of new products, including shoes, bags and accessories. Introducing our new, one-of-a-kind jute sneakers and mules upcycled from vintage coffee jute bags. 
Jute Sneakers

Men's Jute Sneakers

Handmade by our team of shoemakers at our Marrakech atelier, shop our new collection of men's jute sneakers, men's jute mules & women's jute mules available online and available in our retail stores.  

History of 'Jute' Coffee Bean Bags

Jute, also known globally as burlap, has a sustainable history dating back hundreds of centuries to South Asia. In India, the jute plant was originally used to make paper and rope. Historically, jute has also been used to make clothes, furniture coverings and rugs, among other sustainable reuses. 

Known for its strength and versatility, jute became the adopted and natural standard measure (60kg or 131lbs) for moving one commodity around the world: coffee. Jute is both a waterproof and breathable textile and therefore perfect for global agricultural transportations. 

By the late 18th and 19th centuries, the jute plant from Asia had mixed with coffee exports out of Africa and South America. While coffee had been exported for centuries from Africa, it was until later when South America began growing and exporting coffee in larger quantities that the combined global exportations and high demand for coffee meant the highest increased demands for jute. For two more centuries, demand for jute increased until that demand only just slowed down over the last half century due to the rise of plastics. Still, jute serves as the natural alternative to shipping with polymers polypropylene and polyethylene. 

Jute is commonly upcycled today into many different products and furnishings, including how we repurpose jute into our handmade shoe, bag and accessory collections. 

Men's Jute Sneakers
Shop Men's Jute Sneakers Collection

Jute MulesShop Men's Jute Mules Collection
Shop Women's Jute Mules Collection


Men's Jute Sneakers
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