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Introducing Crochet Mules | RES IPSA

Malibu, CA — Introducing our Crochet Mules made from high-quality hand-crocheted wool. We hand-selected the most vibrant wools made by local craftswomen. Each pair of mules is handmade at our Marrakech atelier by our team of shoemakers.

Read on to discover a brief history of crochet, to learn more about the design process at our Marrakech atelier, and to find out how to style our crochet mules.

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Res Ipsa Crochet Mules

The Story & Design Process at our Marrakech Atelier

Res Ipsa Crochet Mules
Hand-crocheted "granny squares" at our Marrakech atelier

Res Ipsa Crochet Mules
Res Ipsa shoemaker Mohammed shaping the crochet pattern a pair of our mules

Res Ipsa Crochet Mules
Res Ipsa shoemaker Mohammed measuring and cutting the crochet patterns for each mule

Res Ipsa Crochet Mules

Res Ipsa Crochet Mules

Res Ipsa Crochet Mules

Res Ipsa Crochet Mules
Res Ipsa shoemaker Mohammed finishing our handmade crochet mule collections

One reason why Res Ipsa opened its atelier and showroom in Marrakech is because we knew from our travels to the ancient city what it would offer by way of its sustainable fabrics and textiles. Our atelier allows us to create products with low-impact, up-cycling practices headed by our production team

Every pair of our crochet mules features a one-of-a-kind kind crochet pattern, made by local craft-women using hand-selected wool yarns. At our atelier, we design each pair of mules by hand using unique pairings of crochet squares to create incredibly vibrant and beautiful collections. 

Traditionally, crocheting was used only as a means of repurposing to create necessary clothing and accessories. More recently, crocheting has entered a rather funky and fun revival, becoming popular as form of textile creation for luxury clothing, home goods, accessories, and now, our one-of-a-kind mules!

Read our blog a brief history of crochet for more about crocheting as a textile creating technique. 

How to Style Res Ipsa Crochet Mules

Our crochet mules are incredibly colorful and vibrant. They are giving joy. They are timeless and will pair well with any wardrobe. We recommend you wear them with confidence as they evoke an unbelievably high level of attraction for their coolness and uniqueness. 

Our mules' silhouette is timeless and it embraces versatility and simplicity, which gives endless possibilities for how to pair them with any wardrobe. Each pair is lightweight and can easily slip on to get out the door in seconds, so wear them casually with a faded Vintage T-shirt and a distressed pair of Vintage 501 Denim. Just as well, dress them up in a pair of chinos, a jumpsuit, or a dress for dinner and an evening out. Our mules are truly show-stopping. They speak for themselves. 

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