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How to Travel with a Group: 5 Tips, Tricks and Tools to Help | Res Ipsa

The NYT Travel section recently published a short, helpful read for anyone about to embark on a group travel experience -- from bachelor parties to family reunions. While it might seemingly be a stressful and a logistical nightmare sorting through schedules, finances and endless details, there are tools and tricks to help you enjoy the fun side of group travel -- read the full article here or discover our shorter synopsis below!


1. Know your Role

The initial planning stages are key to the success of the group and understanding the chemistry & dynamics when it comes to planning activities and lodging. Literally, make it like an episode of Survivor. Let someone step up as the natural leader. Fall in place behind that person.
It's important to be flexible. When you're traveling with a group everyone can't have their own way. Go into knowing you will not get to see everything you want to see, eat everywhere you want to eat, etc. If you're not ok with that, group travel may not be for you. 
Of course, you should offer to help and find humor in everything! It'll be a lot more fun if everyone understands their role and how they can be most helpful to others. 

2. Use these These Apps to Schedule Itineraries! 

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Our tip: don't over schedule. When you're traveling with a group it takes longer to coordinate everyone and it will stress everyone out if the group is always running late. Plus, we highly recommend unstructured time that will allow for spontaneity and surprises. When you're constantly running to the next item on the itinerary, you could miss some amazing things. 
Before you've packed your bags and placed your phones on airplane mode, make sure your schedule is set and you've downloaded the following travel apps: 

- Google Spreadsheets
- TripIt (App)
- Inner Circle
- What'sApp
- BONUS: Download Insta and create a custom group #hastag to follow along with each other's pictures and fun moments! 

3. Use this App to Split Finances


While we all appreciate the beauty of Google spreadsheets, it's 2019, and there are more efficient ways to track group finances: try the app Splittr. It's able to split expenses by currencies or percentages and it does it all in no time at all. Check it out! 
We also recommend that everyone pay known expenses in advance. After the trip it's harder for the person who fronted the money to chase everyone down. If you have an idea of costs ahead of time, front the load! 


 4. Explore Group Deals

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Traveling solo is wonderful! However, traveling together means that most domestic airlines award you with group deals, including American, Delta, Jet Blue, Southwest and United. Amtrak will give you lesser rates the more people that you book with.
Remember that Airbnb may be cheaper than a hotel, and it might be cheaper to hire a driver & car than pay for mass transit & Uber. Take the extra time to save extra money!  

5. Use a Professional Travel Agency


Whether you're worried about luggage left behind or just want to feel like you're on an actual vacation, a travel agency will come in handy when all else fails. 


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