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How to Spend a Weekend in NYC this Fall | Res Ipsa

Wondering how to spend a weekend in NYC this fall? New York City is unlike any place else—a true original that sets the global pace for business & fashion. We love New York and spend a lot of time here. (We have a soft spot for everything one-of-kind). Here is an itinerary of suggestions for an amazing 3-day stay in the city including our favorite activities and restaurants, plus we share some advice on what to pack and how to enjoy your trip. Check out the full Q & A:

Res Ipsa in NYC

Q: How is NYC in the fall? What do you enjoy about it?

A: Fall is awesome in New York. It’s the perfect balance between the too-hot summers and the brutal cold winters. You can walk all over the city comfortably.

Q: What should you expect if it’s your first time visiting in the fall?

A: Expect to walk, and prepare for a range of temperatures. You should layer up, so you can adapt. Twenty degree temperature swings are not unusual.

Res Ipsa Kilim Weekender Bag
Res Ipsa Kilim Weekender Bag

Q: What should you pack?

A: A sport coat, a cardigan or crew neck sweater, white oxford cloth button down, a pair of jeans & chinos, and comfortable shoes.

Q: What’s atop your itinerary for a weekend in NYC?

A: Day 1: Walk the shops of SoHo, cross over Canal St. into Chinatown for a hole-in-the-wall meal at Spicy Village (cash only).

Day 2: walk the High Line south to Chelsea Market, then banana & Nutella frosting cupcakes at Billy’s on Ninth.

Day 3: Central Park & afternoon libations at Bemelman’s Bar at the Carlyle Hotel.

Q: Where to stay?

A: Doesn’t matter. Find something cheap. You’ll be mostly out of the room anyway.

Q: Where to eat?

A: Mission Chinese

Spicy Village

Emilio’s Balloto for Italian & celebrity sightings

The nearest ramen joint.

Q: Where to see a show?

A: Broadway options abound if that’s your bag, but we like the IFC Film Center for all the films that never make it into wide release.  

Q: Where to see a movie?

A: See above

Q: Where to grab coffee?

A: La Colombe

Q: Where to shop?

A: Rothman’s

Mott NYC


Q: Where to get some work done?

A: SoHo House or WeWork

Res Ipsa Co-Founders, Joshua Moore & Odini Gogo, together in NYC
Res Ipsa Co-Founders, Odini Gogo (left) and Joshua Moore (right), standing in Times Square

Q: Where do you enjoy walking?

A: Everywhere! We recommend to walk everywhere you can. There always something to discover!

Q: What other activities do you enjoy?

A: So many museums! International Center of Photography Museum on Bowery is one that is worth your time but may not be on your radar.

Q: What should you avoid?

A: Tourist traps like the Intrepid. But don’t listen to jaded New Yorkers who say avoid Times Square. Times Square is amazing.

Res Ipsa Men's Kilim Chukka Boots
Res Ipsa Men's Kilim Chukka Boots

Q: Would you be more likely caught wearing chukka boots or loafers?

A: For me (Josh), loafers in the fall. I switch to chukka boots when it’s cold enough to see my breath. Odini breaks out the chukka boots much sooner. 


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