How to Better Document your Travel Adventures: 5 Healthy Habits to Practice with Instagram | RES IPSA - RES IPSA

How to Better Document your Travel Adventures: 5 Healthy Habits to Practice with Instagram | RES IPSA

As a platform with more than 500 million users worldwide in 2019, the social media network, Instagram, is taking over more than just how we travel. Whether its through sharing memories and moments with our friends and family, to time spent sifting through beautiful pictures of exquisite food and picture perfect adventures, and even sadly to experiencing feelings of FOMO, anxiety and depression-leading thoughts, there is a lot to unpack with how we can learn to use Instagram for good.

For us, Instagram is just one tool our brand uses to share inspiring, educational and feel-good photos documenting our travels, lifestyle, products and other updates we want to share with our active audience. For followers of our Res Ipsa Instagram account, we are writing this blog to share thoughts on why we think Instagram can still be productive for your personal use, especially when it comes to sharing your on-the-go moments with your family and friends. In addition, we simply want to help you understand how to better document your travels on Instagram by practicing 5 healthy habits that will lead you to using the social media network more wisely and wholesomely. 


1. First, Find the Value in Your Travel Experience

Res Ipsa in Morocco

Here's the situation...You're about to take a vacation or an international trip, and you know you'll want to take some photos to post so your family and friends back home can see you're having a good time. After you've landed and have taken your first round of photos for the day, before posting we recommend you think about why you feel like posting them then. Are you genuinely are having a good time? OR do you feel like others need to see you're having a good time to feel validated? If you're feeling the latter, don't fret! Many of us feel like posting pictures on-the-go because we'll miss the opportunity to update others about our adventure right away. But think to yourself, why did you travel in the first place? 

Travel is an experience and it's worth it to live in the moment as much as possible. Taking photos of the moments is wonderful and fun. However, we believe it's healthier to hold off posting until you genuinely feel the moment is right for you.


2. Follow Happy, Feel-Good Inspirational Travel Accounts 

It can be helpful and healthy to use Instagram for travel inspiration and ideas before you take-off on your next adventure. Whether it's to learn how to take the most colorful shots or land the best angles, there's an art to taking amazing photos.

Here's a list of travel accounts we love because they post with good intentions and share photos we find inspiring: 

Jessica Nabongo

Jessica Nabongo -- @thecatchmeifyoucan

Ann Woodward -- @eastvillagenomad

Humans of New York -- @humansofny

Accidentally Wes Anderson -- @accidentallywesanderson

Antoni Porowski -- @antoni

3. Actively Limit Your Instagram Use On-the-Go & at Home

For starters, we understand how addictive using Instagram can be. Over the past 2,000+ days we've been using the Res Ipsa Instagram account, we've found ourselves needing to be 'checked' with how frequently and often we tap into the app. So how do you train yourself to open it less?

The key to actively limiting your Instagram use while you travel or sit at home is simple: put down your phone. If you leave your phone in the other room to charge overnight, that's a great first step. Yes, you'll find immediately that you have separation anxiety from you phone, but that means you're making progress! Another helpful thought is to make Instagram something you open only when you're seeking something specific: inspiration, ideas, or information. In this sense, Instagram acts more like Google and less like'll find you close the app as soon as you've discovered what you looked for in the first place rather than spending endless time clicking, clicking, clicking...   

For many of us, opening the Instagram app is a habit we can't kick. However, if you actively make yourself aware of and take control of your habit, you'll realize how wonderful the app can be when it's used sparingly with intent. 


4. Engage with Your Audience 

One of the most healthy features about Instagram is the interactive features it allows on your 'Insta Story' and in the comment section. If you post engaging captions that ask questions, seek advice or just allow for playful, fun-take responses from you audience, you'll find that communication can be both useful and healthy for your overall happiness. It'll also distract you from the most harmful feature of Instagram...and our final tip below! 


5. Post for Pleasure, Not for Likes 

Res Ipsa in LA

It's 2019 and Instagram is finally taking notice. One of the accounts we recommend, Antoni, along with T-Swift, Canada and other major accounts are in the testing stages of what seems to be the future of the app: An Instagram with No 'Likes'. While the feature is not yet available for your personal use, the active mindset is!! Learning to post for your pleasure and not for the sense of gaining 'likes' we believe will be the leading factor to your overall happiness with the app. If you want to live a wholesome life on-the-go and still share your travel adventures with others, it's 100% the mindset you lead with. 

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