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Holiday Gift Guide | RES IPSA

Malibu, CA — All I want for Christmas … is to rock around the Christmas tree? December is closing out 2023 in a very on-brand way: the world we thought we knew is upside down. If you haven’t heard, Brenda Lee de-throned Queen of Christmas Mariah Carey to claim the #1 spot on the charts for a second week in a row. 

To help you navigate these uncertain times, we come bearing gifts. We love giving—our time, energy, effort, love, and of course, gifts—to the ones we love. The act of giving and connecting over the holidays with our chosen family and friends fills our cups. 

First, our very own Kasim from the Larchmont Village store created this deep-cut holiday playlist that is cool enough to listen to all year.  

Second, for the naughty or the nice, we curated a one-of-a-kind, all we want for Christmas gift guide—all items are available in limited quantities and handmade with love at our atelier.

Shop our best-selling Velvet "Don't Be a Little Bitch" pillow cover, our new, show-stopping puffer jacket (available in stores only), our incredibly warm, hand-crocheted blanket (available in stores only), and much more! Keep scrolling to shop our hand-selected gifts for the ones you love this holiday season.

Thank you for being part of our chosen family. Your support makes what we do possible. Happy Holidays and much love! 

Velvet Pillow CoverShop Velvet Pillow Cover
Our Velvet Pillow Cover is made using repurposed velvet fabrics with custom gold-colored hand-embroidery and trimming.

Puffer JacketShop Puffer Jacket (available in stores only)
Our new striking, Apr és ski puffer jacket is handmade at our atelier with vintage deadstock silk fabric. Each jacket features stacked patchwork layers of silk, a full silk lining, and two side pockets. Each jacket is one-of-a-kind.

Crochet Blanket
Shop Crochet Blanket (available in stores only)
Shop our incredibly warm, hand-crocheted blanket. Each blanket takes a week to crochet. What began with one person crocheting has grown to almost fifty women working at our co-op of women in the outskirts of Marrakech. The squares are linked together, and then cut and sewn in our atelier to make our one-of-a-kind pieces. We use every square from every crocheted quilt. Read more about our women-led co-op that keeps growing in Marrakech. 




Res Ipsa Holiday Gift Guide

Kilim Clog

Shop Men's Kilim Clogs & Women's Kilim Clogs (available online and in stores)

Vintage Sweatshirt with Crochet Sleeves

Shop Vintage Sweatshirts and T-shirts (available online and in stores)

Puffer Jacket

Shop Puffer Jacket (available in stores only)

Kilim Weekender Bag

Shop Re-stocked Kilim Weekender Bag (available online and in stores)

Crochet Bomber Hoodie

Shop Crochet Bomber Jacket (available online and in stores)

Quilt Workshirt

Shop Quilt Workshirt Jacket (available in stores only)

Hand-Knit Cowichan Sweater

Shop Hand-Knit Cowichan Sweater (available online and in stores)

Men's Kilim Loafers

Shop Men's Kilim Loafers & Women's Kilim Loafers (available online and in stores)

Caba Bag

Shop Texilte Caba Bag (available online and in stores)

Vintage Denim

Shop Vintage 501 Denim (Available online and available in stores)

Res Ipsa Gift Card

 Shop Res Ipsa Gift Card (available online and in stores)

 Crochet Blanket

Shop Crochet Blanket (available in stores only)

Souvenir Jacket

Shop Souvenir Jacket (available online and in stores)

Cowhide Coasters

Kilim Coasters

Shop Kilim Coasters & Cowhide Coasters (available online and in stores)

Cowhide Mule

Shop Men's Cowhide Mules & Women's Cowhide Mules (available online and in stores)


Shop Neckwear (available online and in stores)


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