GOT Season 8, Episode 1: Highlights + Unpacking the Night King's Symbolic Message | Res Ipsa

Our favorite show is back on HBO Sunday nights! Did you catch last night's premiere to season 8 (the final season)?

While it mostly is a filler episode building towards an epic war between the living & the dead (and the living & the living), 'Nothing Lasts' ended with a fiery mic drop.

At the end of the episode one, we discovered the message left in the House Umber. It wasn't the first instance of similar symbolism from the King beyond the wall. So what do the symbols mean? Read this theory on the Night King's messages to the living

Illustrations by HBO/RINGER


Here are some of our other highlights from last night's season premiere:

Cersei just wanted some elephants....

Jamie and Bran reunite as the show cuts to black. Awkward...

Arya and the Hound reunite with a good 'ol stare down...she's been declared a "cold little bitch" from the Hound. How satisfying was this reunion??

Dany meets Sam to confess that she murdered his father....and brother...


Sansa and Tyrion reunite for the first time since the delightful Purple Wedding in season 4. To Tyrion's chagrin, Sansa explains how she feels about him actually believing Cersei's pledge to help the North fight the dead. She says,  “I used to think you were the cleverest man alive.” LOL.