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Get Your Kicks on Route 66 | RES IPSA

Our Brand is Travel. Nothing is more synonymous with American travel than fabled Route 66. This Chicago-to-Santa Monica highway had its heyday in the Dust Bowl-era, and began to decline after Eisenhower signed the Interstate Highway Act in 1956. Yet Route 66 has continued to live on in the American imagination through song and television long after its usefulness became secondary. 

This summer, National Geographic sent journalist Megan Stack and photographer David Guttenfelder to document the disappearing, endless, potholed 2,278 mile Route 66. What happened along the way? Stack and Guttenfelder often wondered aloud, "Where the hell is Route 66?" America's Mother Road links American history to its physical spaces and uncelebrated communities. Wide-open landscapes, run-down gas stations, and historic highways await you, a full tank, and your next American vacation. Read on to get your kicks...

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