Behind The Seams in Marrakech: Repairing & Repurposing Kantha Quilt Jackets | RES IPSA - RES IPSA

Behind The Seams in Marrakech: Repairing & Repurposing Kantha Quilt Jackets | RES IPSA

Los Angeles, CA — Our popular patchwork Kantha Quilt Kimonos and Kantha Quilt Workshirts from our Winter 2024 release are now available online. Each patchwork kimono and workshirt is made by hand at our atelier in Marrakech.  

Shop our Kantha Quilt Kimonos and Kantha Quilt Workshirts now available online from our Winter 2024 release.

Kantha Quilt Kimonos

Shop Kantha Quilt Kimonos

Kantha Quilt Workshirts

Shop Kantha Quilt Workshirts

What is Kantha fabric? 

Vintage Quilt Jackets

Vintage Quilt Jackets

Vintage Quilt JacketsRes Ipsa atelier in Marrakech, Morocco 

What is kantha? Kantha originated in Bengal, a region that encompasses parts of present-day Bangladesh and the Indian state of West Bengal. The word "kantha" refers to both the embroidery technique and the quilts made using this technique.

This lightweight, colorful fabric literally means 'patched cloth' and is an ancient tradition in which rural women in Bengal use a quilting technique to repurpose old saris and other worn-out garments. 

Vintage Quilt Jackets

Flash forward to today, Kantha quilted blankets have become desired for their alluring, vibrant and pastel-like colors, often fading to indicate their aging uniqueness. Each quilt is one-of-a-kind, designed by women who impart symbolic meaning into each creation—these quilts are often gifted to loved ones. 

What is Res Ipsa's inspiration for designing Kantha Quilt Jackets, Kimonos and Workshirts? 

Kantha Collection

Res Ipsa Vintage Quilt Jacket

Res Ipsa Vintage Quilt Jacket

By creating a garment from a kantha quilt we are further upcycling what has already been repurposed.

This jacket design is inspired from jackets we make from vintage handmade American quilts. The boxy fit and slight-off-center placket is inspired by the shape of an American military removable quilted liner that would button into a coat issued to GI's. 

Each piece is handsewn from a vintage Kantha fabric. Because we use vintage materials, you may find slight "imperfections" in the quilt. Each quilt is unique and carries the beauty from decades of patina. This is a not a flaw—it is a feature. 

Shop our Kantha Quilt Kimonos and Kantha Quilt Workshirts now available online only from our Winter 2024 release.



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