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5 Things You Need to Know about Passports | RES IPSA

There were a lot of important updates in the news last year regarding your required travel documents at airports beginning in 2018. Here are the 5 things about passports you need to know before you travel. 

  1. You need a passport now more than ever. Unlike some state issued ID cards, a valid passport always allows you to travel at airports. If your state is not compliant with the Real ID Act, starting on January 28, 2018, you’ll need to provide an alternative form of identification, such as a passport, in order to travel. Check your state status.
  2. You can hold multiple passports. According to the US State Department, citizens can apply rather easily for a secondary passport. How do you qualify? You’ll have to prove you’re a frequent traveler and might need dual citizenship or foreign investments over $100,000. Easy like Sunday morning? Read more about the pathways in this Business Insider.
  3. Your passport has a power ranking. What’s the ranking mean? It’s not exactly the same formula used for ranking your favorite sports teams. Every year, passports get ranked on their visa-free score, meaning the countries you can visit with or without a visa. Singapore topped the list in 2017 while the US fell to sixth. In 2018, Germany claimed the top spot. Find your country's power ranking
  4. You can explore the world using four different colored passports. The colors? Red, green, blue, and black. The colors don’t actually have much significance besides that they are primary colors. Read more about passport colors in Travel & Leisure. Also, see every passport color for every country. 
  5. You can apply and receive a passport in as quickly as two weeks! You could even process your passport quicker than that. Read more at the US Department of State

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