Zoom Men's Cactus Silk Loafer 10 (Limited Edition) - RES IPSA

Men's Cactus Silk Loafer 10 (Limited Edition)


Res Ipsa's Cactus Silk Loafers are a sophisticated option that is made from high-quality hand-woven Cactus Silk , trimmed with brown leather, features leather lining, and a stacked leather heel. You might expect us to tell you that these shoes are comfortable--but don't just take our word for it. You will be amazed at how comfortable these loafers are!

Cactus silk, also known as vegetable silk or Sabra silk, is a fabric woven from fibers of a plant from the agave family. It is a plant-derived silk harvested from Saharan aloe vera cacti in northern Morocco. The plants are most commonly found in the Saharan dessert.

Size 10

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