Zoom Cactus Silk Jacket #5 - RES IPSA
Zoom Cactus Silk Jacket #5 - RES IPSA
Zoom Cactus Silk Jacket #5 - RES IPSA
Zoom Cactus Silk Jacket #5 - RES IPSA

Cactus Silk Jacket #5


Our Cactus Silk Jacket is made by hand in our Marrakech atelier from natural cactus silk fabric. It comes with a belt to tie around the waist, or to be worn open, and trimmed with a hand-made blanket stitch around centre front and edge of the belt.

Cactus silk, also known as vegetable silk or Sabra silk, is a fabric woven from fibers of a plant from the agave family. It is a plant-derived silk harvested from Saharan aloe vera cacti in northern Morocco. The plants are most commonly found in the Saharan dessert.

After the silk fibres are taken from the plants, they are washed, dyed, dried and then hand-spun. Traditionally, the threads are hand-woven together by the Berber Tribe in the Atlas Mountain region. This is a long, delicate process. The hand-weaving process blends other natural fabrics in addition to the agave plant fibers, including chenille, cotton and yarn, and camel wool.

CLEANING: When cleaning the jacket and when working with cactus silk in general, do not machine wash cactus silk. We recommend you dry clean by accredited dry cleaners. As the cactus silk fabrics are naturally dyed with vegetable dyes, getting them wet sometimes will lead to discoloration.

Sizing: This jacket is a unisex medium fit with an open front, and a belt to tie around waist.

  • Shoulders: 18.8 inches
  • Length from HPS: 29.9 inches
  • Around bust: 45 inches

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