Zoom Kantha Quilt Kimono #8 - RES IPSA
Zoom Kantha Quilt Kimono #8 - RES IPSA

Kantha Quilt Kimono #8


This Kimono is hand made from repurposed, vintage Kantha quilt fabric at our atelier in Marrakech. Kantha means patched cloth and these jackets are made from remnants of discarded cloth scraps sewn together into quilt form. Though surprisingly thin and light-weight, Kantha quilted blankets have always been intended to provide warmth. Kantha fabric is native to eastern South Asia and has been a popular form of fashioning and repurposing something old into something new for hundreds of centuries.

Flash forward to today, Kantha quilted blankets have become desired for their alluring, vibrant or pastel colors, often fading with age -- think of this as a uniqueness. Each quilt is one-of-a-kind, designed by women who impart symbolic meaning into each creation -- these quilts are often gifted to loved ones. 

This style is inspired from our classic unique Kimonos we make from various fabrics. 

Each Vintage Quilt Jacket is handsewn from a vintage Kantha fabric. Because we use vintage materials, you may find slight "imperfections" in the quilt. Each quilt is unique and carries the beauty from decades of patina. This is a not a flaw--it is a feature.

Details & Care

  • Size is a Medium - 40-42" chest and 30" in back body length.
  • Vintage Kantha patchwork fabric.
  • Two open, front waist patchwork pockets. 
  • 100% cotton. 
  • Unlined.
  • Machine wash cold. Hang to dry.
  • Handmade in Marrakech. 

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