Zoom American Flag Cowichan Sweater - RES IPSA
Zoom American Flag Cowichan Sweater - RES IPSA

American Flag Cowichan Sweater


Our exclusive design incorporates the American flag into a handmade heirloom piece that you will wear and enjoy for years to come. This is a heavy sweater that you can wear as a piece of outerwear. Each unisex sweater is made:

  • 100% wool
  • in British Columbia, by hand
  • with set-in sleeves and two angled pockets a heavy-duty brass zipper

The Cowichan sweater originated during the late 19th century among the Cowichan, a Coast Salish people in British Columbia. Our authentic Cowichan sweater was knit by indigenous makers in Vancouver Island and the mainland of British Columbia. Authentic Cowichan sweaters are so distinctive and prized that in 2011, the Canadian government recognized Cowichan knitters and sweaters as nationally and historically significant.

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