The 8150: Res Ipsa’s Fall Getaway Guide to Vail | RES IPSA - RES IPSA

The 8150: Res Ipsa’s Fall Getaway Guide to Vail | RES IPSA

Vail, CO – As summer turns to fall, we are sharing our travel guides for all 9 destination locations we have opened Res Ipsa stores. Our next travel guide is Vail, Colorado. 

Res Ipsa Vail, our sixth retail store, opened in January 2021. Res Ipsa Vail is located just a hop away from our Aspen stores and less than a 30-second skip from the mountain base at Gondola One. 

Vail has been ranked a top ski resort since post-WWII. It is known worldwide as one of the most beautiful communities in the Rocky Mountains.

Hold on tight because Vail is not just about the winter wonderland. As autumn's enchantment draws near, we are here to spill the beans on Vail's untold September, October, and November.

Dive into Vail's kaleidoscope of colors, flavors, and adventures this fall. Let's make it a September to remember, an October to obsess over, and a November you'll cherish forever. Read on to experience the magic of Vail! 

Must-Visit Places

Whether you enjoy history and spirits, leaf-peeping or hiking mountain trails that whisper your name, we compiled a shortlist of the must-visit places.

10th Mountain Whiskey & Spirit Company

The 10th Mountain Whiskey & Spirit Company is a renowned distillery located in Vail, Colorado. Named after the brave 10th Mountain Division soldiers who trained in the nearby mountains during WWII, this distillery pays homage to their legacy. They produce a range of high-quality whiskey and spirits, combining traditional craftsmanship with modern techniques. Visitors can enjoy tastings, learn about the distillation process, and connect with the history that inspired its creation.


 Vail Recreation Path

The Vail recreation path is a picturesque outdoor trail. Stretching through scenic landscapes, it's a haven for walkers, runners, cyclists, and nature enthusiasts.


 Booth Falls Trail

Booth Falls Trail is a popular hiking route. This moderately challenging trail offers stunning views of Booth Creek, leading to Booth Falls, an impressive 60-foot waterfall. The trail is about 3 miles round-trip and features a mix of forested areas and rocky terrain, making it a rewarding outdoor experience for hikers of varying skill levels.

 Culinary Delights

And if your tummy's rumbling for some epicurean delights, worry not! We've got the scoop on the most delectable eats that will have your taste buds dancing joyfully.

Bad Kitty Lounge

Bad Kitty Lounge is a fashionable venue that creates the ideal backdrop for unforgettable evenings. It invites you to unwind and immerse yourself in the vibrant nightlife.

 Mountain Standard

Mountain Standard is one of our favorite restaurants. Elevate your dining experience with their specially selected wines and unique menu from around the world. Explore what makes the ‘Mountain Standard’ different. Make sure you give the pimento cheese a try.

 Annapurna at the Evergreen Lodge 

Annapurna is also one of our favorites in Vail. Located in the Evergreen Lodge, find cuisine that combines simple and elegant spices from Nepal & India, resulting in dishes rich in flavor and culture. Make sure you try the Chicken Tikka Masala; it's a must-try!

 4 Seasons Hotel 

Treat yourself to the impossible burger and enjoy a hot cup of cocoa during your stay.

What to Pack for Fall in Vail 

Check out our essential packing list that guarantees you'll be the style icon of the mountains.

Layered Clothing

Fall weather in Vail can be unpredictable. Pack various layers, including sweaters, flannels, and a waterproof jacket, to stay comfortable in changing conditions. Shop our Bomber Jacket and be one step ahead of the unpredictable weather in Vail.

Comfortable Footwear

Whether hiking or strolling through town, comfortable and supportive shoes are essential. Opt for hiking boots or stylish walking shoes, depending on your activities. Res Ipsa has you covered. Shop our Kilim Sneakers. Each pair is stylish, comfy, and durable.


The stunning fall foliage and picturesque landscapes are a photographer's dream. Don't forget your camera or smartphone to capture the beauty around you.

Reusable Water Bottle

Staying hydrated is essential, especially at higher altitudes. A reusable water bottle will come in handy during hikes and explorations.


Keep energy levels up with trail mix, granola bars, and other portable snacks. This is especially useful for longer hikes or outdoor adventures.

Where To Shop in Vail 

Take a stroll through the beautiful Vail Village for the best shopping in town. Amidst the charming cobblestone pathways, you'll come across upscale boutiques to stores specializing in outdoor equipment, children's apparel, and beyond. Whatever you're seeking, you'll likely find it in Vail.

Of course, Res Ipsa Vail is our favorite place to shop in Vail. Located at 225 Wall St., Suite 102B, Vail, CO 81657. We welcome you to visit any time.

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